"Excellent. It has stopped pranksters from turning the tap on and leaving the water running. Which obviously increases my water costs as I am metered. Easy to use. Wish I had found this last year......"

Source: Amazon.co.uk


Protect Your Outside Taps with TapLock The Ultimate Protection For Your Tank

Picture the waste of water, the increase in your bill and the potential flooding caused by you not realising that someone has turned on your outdoor tap and it has been left running continuously for days!

The SpinSecure Tap Lock is a simple and inexpensive way of securing your outside tap, and it is virtually impossible to remove without the key! Securing your outdoor tap in this way will help to reduce water bills, deter tampering and vandalism, prevent water theft and help water conservation.

Fuel theft is a common issue faced by fuel tank owners. An open fill point is a perfect opportunity for a thief to siphon fuel. Ensuring you have a oil tank locking cap adds protection to the tanks contents.

Designed for both heating oil tanks and diesel tanks, the SpinSecure Tank Lock secures the 2” fill point from unauthorised use. Thanks to its clever design, the fuel tank lock cap spins freely when locked making it impossible to remove and has no torque points for forced crow-bar entry. 

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