"Excellent. It has stopped pranksters from turning the tap on and leaving the water running. Which obviously increases my water costs as I am metered. Easy to use. Wish I had found this last year......"

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SpinSecure Tap Lock

"Lock your outside tap from tampering & theft"

Water waste, tampering and vandalism - the problems we solve

Imagine you don’t realise but someone has turned on your outdoor tap and left your water running for days; maybe the local nuisances have thought it would be funny to tamper with it. Imagine it’s your holiday home or allotment that you only visit weekly, and a week’s worth of continuous running water has been wasted and caused flooding.

Securing your outdoor tap will help to reduce water bills, deter tampering and vandalism, prevent water theft and help water conservation. The SpinSecure Tap Lock provides security and peace of mind and is ideal for domestic and commercial use such as; garden taps, holiday homes, allotments, caravan parks, schools, golf clubs and farms.

A unique outdoor tap security product

The SpinSecure Tap Lock has a unique, free-spinning design (like a medicine bottle) that is virtually impossible to remove when locked, to secure taps and hose bibbs from miscellaneous vandalism, unauthorised use, tampering and water theft.

The Tap Lock works one of two ways:

  1. As standard, you fit the Tap Lock on to the tap spout and it seals your tap to stop the flow of water if turned on. This method is designed for those who use their tap occasionally, as the Tap Lock is required to be removed every time you need the use of your tap.

  2. You can purchase an additional handle adaptor pack, which allows you to replace the handle on your tap with your Tap Lock. This method is designed for regular users of their tap, as once fitted it never needs to be removed as it replaces the standard handle on your water tap. Tap Lock Handle allows hoses to be permanently connected to the tap.

TapLock Spout in packaging

Key features of the SpinSecure Tap Lock:

  • High security magnetic lock for standard water taps
  • Does not require a padlock or any additional locking device
  • Comes complete with 2 magnetic keys
  • No sealants, adhesive or tools required to install
  • Machined from a non-ferrous hard Zinc Alloy
  • Weatherproof to prevent rusting
  • Spinning mechanism eliminates "crow-bar” access

Each magnetic key is coded to match the individual lock, ensuring that simply sliding a magnetic into the recess will not defeat the it. Unlike other security devices, the SpinSecure Tap Lock can be keyed alike so that multiple taps on the same property or owned by the same individual can be secured with the convenience of having only one key.

View the TapLock Spout Version VideoView the TapLock Spout Version Video

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