Everything is getting expensive. Can you afford to slack on security?

2011 looks like a year that is going to hit us hard in the pocket, what with VAT rising to 20%, Utility Bills rising by 30%, Fuel at an all time record high and Food and Commodity prices rising further still.

And on top of this when we do outlay the cash to keep our day to day lives going, there are always some criminal minded individuals (We shall call them Scum), looking for the free ride.

Valuable commodities such as Water, Heating Oil, Petrol & Diesel are now being targeted by thieves for their own personal gain at your expense

Here is a Top 10 List of actions you can take to limit the ease of theft:

  1. Keep your Heating Oil Tank secure by fitting a Spinsecure Tank Lock
  2. Guard against water theft with the Innovative Spinsecure Taplock
  3. Avoid Fuel evaporation from your heating oil tank in summer by fitting a Tank Lock
  4. Dig a moat round your house
  5. Keep any Drums & Containers locked and out of sight
  6. Hire the A-Team
  7. Don’t lend the “Other Half” the car so they can’t bring it back with the Tank empty!
  8. Buy a boat and declare the island in the middle of the local pond “Your Own” and bring in laws to say that theft is punishable by death!
  9. Become a thief!
  10. Subscribe to Guns & Ammo!

Joking apart, you really need to do all you can when it comes to security and here at Spinsecure we are here to help.

With a range of Unique and Innovative security solutions for Home, Garden & Business we have the product to fit.

Visit www.spinsecure.co.uk for more information.

What lengths have you gone to, to secure your commodities?

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