The deep freeze is here and your heating oil tank is full to the brim….. But for how long??

It’s snowing outside, the gritters are already struggling but your house is lovely and warm as you have just had your heating oil delivery and the thermostat is on “Tropical”!!

But, winter is the most common time for the fuel thieves to strike as they know that the tanks are full and people are wrapped up nice and warm inside.

What can you do to deter them and at what cost?? – Tanklock™ is the answer to your fuel theft nightmares.

Using Spinsecure technology, Tanklock™ locks the 2” fill point on your tank, and its clever design means that when it is locked in place the cap spins freely and is almost impossible to remove.

Most existing locks are supplied in two pieces and are often secured in place using low quality padlocks which can be easily removed or broken.

Tanklock™ eliminates this problem due to its one piece padlock free design and a result there are NO torque points for forced entry using crow bars etc ensuring your Heating oil tanks contents are safe and secure as possible.

Tanklock™ can be sourced from one of our many suppliers – please see for contacts.

What are you doing to deter the Fuel thieves this winter?, please leave your comments below…

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