Check For Water in Your Fuel Storage Tank

Firstly, I want to point out that this is not technically a security product, BUT it is a product that will be very important in maintaining the cleanliness of your oil tank due to the forthcoming release of BIO Kerosene which is a 30% FAME and 70% Kerosene mix.tank dryer

The addition of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) is better for the environment (reduces emissions by 28%) but a lot worse for your Fuel storage tank.

The addition of FAME or Bio Fuel is the leading cause of the growth of “Bugs in Fuel”….

A science lesson! – Water gets into Oil Storage Tanks by many means.  Rainwater through the vent, delivered with the fuel and the very nature of fuel in that it contracts and expands with changes in temperature means that your tank is quite literally breathing and pulling in nice moist air.  When this air cools when in contact with the surface of the tank, water droplets form and run into the heating oil.  The density of water means that it quickly sinks below the Fuel and forms a layer of water between the sludge at the bottom of the tank and the stored heating oil.  This interface between the water and oil contains microbes that only need a tiny amount of water for survival and they feed on the Hydrocarbons in the fuel.  As these microbes reproduce and form larger colonies they create a Bio film that is thick and sticky which contaminates the interior of your tank. Their waste produces -You’ve guessed it! – MORE WATER!, sludge and acids.

These bi-products can lead to blocked filters and severe contamination of the fuel.  This fuel is then pumped into machinery, vehicles or heating boilers where it can cause untold damage to injectors etc.

This leads to downtime of boilers, machinery and vehicles and severe disruption to productivity. Imagine we are in the depths of Winter and your boiler stops working due to a build up of sludge in your tank that has passed through to your Boiler… COLD days and nights ahead!

We have a solution to removing water in your tank, reducing the aqueous environment in which these BUGS survive and reproduce.

Tank Dryer

  • Versatile – Fits in most 2″ fill points on both Steel and Plastic storage tanks
  • Highly Absorbent – Reduces the risk of bug formation and contaminated fuel that can cause machinery, vehicle and boiler damage
  • Cord and Weight attached – Quick and Easy to Use
  • Cheap – At only £13.60 + Vat and Delivery – This small cost far outweighs the cost of replacement boiler, Machinery and vehicle parts and the downtime and loss of productivity.

Please call Centre Tank Services on 0121 351 4445 and order yours today

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