"Excellent. It has stopped pranksters from turning the tap on and leaving the water running. Which obviously increases my water costs as I am metered. Easy to use. Wish I had found this last year......"

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How SpinSecure Works - It's All About The TORQUE

The SpinSecure Principle - How it Works

"...simple really, it's all about TORQUE"

Spin Freely Design

SpinSecure re-defines what it means to lock something. Normally to "lock" means to fix something in place or in one position. SpinSecure security devices actually do the complete opposite.

SpinSecure products use a very clever magnetic system that disengages it from its mechanism allowing it to spin freely and eliminate the use of force or torque to remove the device; imagine a medicine bottle lid.

Nut and Bolt Principle

Imagine you were trying to remove a hexagon nut that was stuck or rusted onto a threaded bolt. If you could get enough torque by using a longer spanner you would eventually remove the nut by applying brute force. If however the threads had become damaged to the point where they no longer worked, then the nut would just spin and never be removed no matter how many times you turned it or how much force you used.

When you lock one of our products it is exactly like removing the threads on the nut; it will always spin freely and never come off.

Protected with SpinSecure

All of the SpinSecure products use the magnetic design to allow the device to spin freely when locked, thus making it much more difficult for a thief to remove them. 

The SpinSecure principle means that when a security device is locked in place it spins freely and therefore makes it very difficult to take off using spanners, crow bars, jemmy bars, grips etc... Why? Because the product offers no resistance, and no torque points, and with no torque points it can't be forcibly removed.

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Steering Wheel Analogy

How it works - Spin Freely Design

Most car steering wheels automatically lock when you remove the ignition key and fix the steering wheel in one position so it can't be moved and therefore steered and stolen. 

The steering wheel however can be forced or broken to release the lock. 

Now imagine when you locked it the steering wheel spun freely without steering the car, a thief could no longer use force to free the steering wheel thus making it almost impossible to steal the car.

Now apply this principle to the security products that you see on our website and it becomes clear that "disengaging" devices in this way makes them far more secure than "locking" them in place.


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